Technical Information

How to use the Spomb


Fix to your line and use as a spod.

Hold the Spomb with the logo on body facing upwards.

Push the BUTTON, keep the Spomb open with thumb as shown.

Do not fill the button section.

Fill with bait and close together firmly at nose end.

Do not squash bait


On hitting clip let it drop into water.

The Spomb will open releasing and spreading bait instantly.

Retrieve. Bait has already washed out.

When reeling in Spomb, a steady retrieve will produce what seems an amazing flight across the top of the water as it aquaplanes back across the surface.

Spomb Technical Information

Recommended 4lb - 5lb test curve rod with 15lb - 45lb tapered leader.

Unloaded weight 2¼ oz (60g). Loaded with corn, casting weight 6½ oz (180g).

When the Spomb hits the water it opens and bait is instantly dispersed.

The Spomb is buoyant and ready for instant fast retrieve.


Mini Spomb Technical Information

Weight 7/8th of an ounce (approx. 25 grams), maximum weight fully loaded 3 ounces (approx 85 grams)

Length – 160mm, width 43mm across body and 56mm across hinge.

Recommend - tie direct to line, any rod.